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"I moved to North Carolina five years ago and almost immediately started my search for a Martial Arts school. I visited many schools in the Triangle area and joined different schools for a month or so to find out if they were what I was looking for, but there was always something missing. I even gave up my search for awhile, and continued to train on my own. My wife begqn to think I would never find what I wanted in a martial arts school because my previous Martial Arts school in Michigan had such a great teacher. She would always say I know you, and I can tell none of these schools give you the same fulfillment that your old martial art school did, and she was right! Before committing to train at what was a good school, but not exactly what I wanted, I found 4 Winds and set up a free private introductory class with Sifu Bob Melander, then attended a few group classes. This turned out to be a great decision, and should be the meaning of “save the best for last".

Sifu (teacher) is thrown around a lot, but not everyone should have that title. Sifu Bob Melander deserves that title and embodies what a martial arts teacher should be. Now every time I come home from training at 4 Winds Martial arts my wife tells me "that's the fulfilled look on your face that I didn’t see before". I couldn’t be happier training with Sifu Bob and I recommend anyone else from beginner to advanced looking to learn internal and external martial arts, self defense, weapons and more, from a great Sifu visit 4 Winds Martial Arts. Don’t make the mistake I made visit 4 Winds Martial Arts before the others."

Lyndon J.

"4 Winds Martial Arts is a great school with something to offer individuals of any level. The Kajukenbo Tum Pai discipline has something for everyone, from internal development to self-defense. Furthermore, Sifu Bob is an excellent instructor that has the rare ability to connect with any student and motivate them through positive and effective teaching. If you are looking for a place to begin your martial arts journey or a place to continue it, 4 Winds is the place for you."

Dave S.

"Even though I am new to martial arts, I have always been interested in self defense. I took a group class taught by Sifu Bob and was amazed at his ability to explain concepts and movement. I also could feel his passion for this art, and that is contagious. I am very lucky to be able to call him my teacher, and fully recommend him!"

Marina E.

"I was apprehensive about beginning a martial arts training program, but Sifu Bob is very supportive and understanding. I tried some other programs in the area and knew right away they were not for me. At 4 Winds I felt comfortable joining the other students after the first two private training sessions. The other students have also been very welcoming and respectful as I stumble my way through in the beginning. 4 Winds and Sifu Bob are exceptional. If you are looking for a great place to study martial arts, look no further."

Jed L.

"4 winds is a great place to train. I have studied many Martial arts and Sifu Bob is one of the best instructors that I have had the privilege to study under. Kajukenbo Tum Pai is a well thought out and beautifully effective art. Sifu Bob delivers it in a way that even the most uninitiated beginner can achieve a high level of confidence and skill."

Anthony C.

"Sifu Bob Melander is an amazing instructor! He always can recognize when you need more help in a certain area just by looking at what you are doing and then he can explain what you are doing wrong and how to fix it. Learning Kajukenbo Tum Pai at 4 Winds Martial Arts has been an amazing experience, and because of the support and training that Bob Melander has giving me I know for sure that I will continue learning and mastering this martial art for the rest of my life. Thanks Sifu Bob"

David A.

"What's not to love about Sifu Bob? He's amazing! Martial arts is his passion and it shows. His depth of knowledge is endless and his teaching style keeps things simple; even complex concepts are understandable. Sifu believes in all of his students and never gives up on you. He's encouraging and patient. He recognizes your successes and builds your confidence, no matter your skill level. I'm a petite blonde that had very little coordination and was physically timid when I started training under Sifu. After training, and eventually earning my black belt, I'm still a petite blonde (haha!), but I've developed coordination, confidence and skills. I've even sparred in tournaments and taken home trophies! I'm also confident in my self-defense. I have no problems walking in the dark in the city now, which feels good. Training has also made me a better person, improving my life in so many ways. You will love training under Sifu Bob. Go for it! :)"

Monica S.

"Sifu Melander is the real deal. I've studied with many instructors in the area, and none of them offered the real-world self defense techniques that I was looking for. If you've come to your senses and are finally tired of the McDojo atmosphere, I would recommend giving a real martial artist a try."

Robert R.

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