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The martial art taught at 4 Winds Martial Arts is a true mixed martial art. Kajukenbo Tum Pai is powerful blend of the most effective self-defense elements of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kenpo Karate, Tang Soo Do Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Krav Maga and Esrima.

The classes offered at 4 Winds Martial Arts is one of the most effective, rewarding and unique Martial Arts training programs you will find throughout the Apex, North Carolina area. Our Chief Instructor Bob Melander has decades of experience in practicing and in teaching the martial arts. He has developed a safe, yet challenging and comprehensive training curriculum that fully integrates both the health and self defense aspects of martial arts.

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Our program is designed to fully develop the body and mind. Adults of all ages can become physically fit, strong and flexible as well as mentally focused, disciplined and more confident. Our students work hard as they get into shape. We don’t make it easy yet every day we watch people develop and thrive. Life is full of all kind of challenges and we believe that people are better prepared to handle adversity in life when they have been trained in a way that teaches them to face these challenges with calm and with confidence.

One of the things that Kajukenbo Tum Pai prides itself is how effective and all encompassing the self defense is. Virtually every conceivable self defense scenario is addressed; including defenses against gun, knife and club. In addition, if you look at the photos on the Main page, you will see weapon vs. weapon defenses (Escrima).

Learn the Secrets of Real Kung Fu Training

Though newcomers initially may come looking for karate classes, what they are really seeking is to learn martial arts along with the many benefits it has to offer.

  • Highly evasive footwork
  • Powerful palm strikes
  • Snake like body movements
  • Lightening fast combinations
  • Distinctive circle walking training methods

Prospective students are welcome to make an appointment to come in and take one of our classes as part of a Free Trial Class. There is no cost and no obligation but you get a chance to experience for yourself what the training is like with a martial arts instructor there to guide and assist you.

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The Oldest “Mixed Martial Arts” Style, Kung Fu

“Mixed martial arts” is a term that gained a lot of popularity recently but students of Kung Fu have been practicing Mixed Martial Arts for thousands of years. Punching, blocking, kicking, long range, close range, grappling, joint locking, and throwing, are all included in the Kung Fu classes that we teach.

4 Winds Martial Arts skillfully integrates health and self defense making it one of the most complete and comprehensive martial disciplines practiced today.

It is not an art that is based on memorizing countless “techniques.” Our students learn how to apply real-world principles that teach how to think, emphasizing how to evade and how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. You will discover the most effective and efficient self-defense methods that work for your body. What works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else!

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Often referred to as the “smart martial art”, Kung Fu is equally suited to men and women as it does not rely not physical strength or size for its effectiveness.

Traditional Martial Arts Classes at 4 Winds Martial Arts

Our curriculum is deeply rooted in tradition. Through diligent training and repetitive drills, students in our martial arts classes develop a body that is supple, strong and flexible. The body becomes capable of smooth, relaxed and continuous movement. The student learns to use the body in a unified manner so that it is fully connected. When ready, more complex and detailed movements are introduced. Eventually, enough skill is attained to create great power even through small body articulations.

In addition to physical body conditioning and the teaching of forms and applications, meditation is an integral part of the training. We firmly believe that “real martial arts” trains the body and the mind.

Real Skills for Real Life

Students who take classes at 4 Winds Martial Arts Kung Fu & Sparring quickly realize that their training is not limited to class time. It is when the student develops the ability to take the lessons they learned inside the dojang (dojo), and begins to apply it to their everyday life, that the transformation into a true martial artist really begins.

The translation of the Chinese words, “Kung Fu” is
“achievement through effort over time.”
Put in the time and the effort… and the rest just takes care of itself.

Don’t let uncertainty or lack of experience let you miss out on what might be the single best thing you ever did for yourself, call NOW at 623-910-1675 for your FREE Trial Lesson and choose between Kung Fu or Sparring for the most well rounded real life situational means of self-defense.